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Opleiding: 1969 tot 1973: MAVO
1973 tot 1975: HAVO
1975 tot 1979: Hoger Informatica Onderwijs te Enschede, met
afstudeerprojekt een case-study op het gebied van
performance en tuning bij Gesellschaft für Mathematik
Und Datenverarbeitung in Darmstadt (Duitsland)

Ik zou graag voor projecten bij klanten in aanmerking willen komen voor een van de volgende functies:
· projectmanager
· projectleider
· VM of VSE systeemprogrammeur
· coordinator
· system engineer
· voor / bij migraties
· voor / bij trainings
· voor / bij performance management & capacity planning


WVTE Consultancy B.V. in Apeldoorn (the Netherlands) as independent entrepreneur of my own company as well as a Consultant (3-2-1999 until now):
· 6-2-2006 until 12-5-2006: At AtosOrigin in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) being a VM/VSE specialist to install z/VSE V. 3.1.1 with all optional products. After the installation doing a migration of multiple VSE systems
· 1-9-2004 until 31-7-2005: Being VM/VSE systems programmer providing VM/VSE support at Triaton in Krefeld (Germany) for one day per week
· 1-1-2005 until 11-3-2005: Installation and migration of/to z/VM V. 5.1.0 at Euronederland in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). Also, PTF's were applied to z/VM V. 5.1.0 to support a new DASD subsystem and to solve a bug in z/VM V. 5.1.0
· 1-5-2004 until 31-8-2004: Project leader and systems programmer to transfer, implement and support a VM/VSE system from IBM Germany to Triaton in Krefeld (Germany). Also, it is my job to coach and train the Triaton colleges with VM and VSE aspects, as they will become my backup
· 1-4-2003 until 31-10-2003: Setting up a complete training catalogue 2004 for VM, VSE and Linux systems
· 27-1-2003 until 31-1-2003: Presenting my own z/VM training for system programmers at Informatica J.Van Breda & C° in Antwerpen (Belgium)
· 1-7-2002 until 31-11-2002: At VGZ in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) being the project leader for the VSE/ESA migration of VSE/ESA V. 2.3 to VSE/ESA V. 2.6.1. Inclusive the conversion of Alert to TopSecret
· 1-6-2002 until 16-8-2002: At Getronics Business Solutions in Gouda (the Netherlands) installation of z/VM V. 3.1 and a migration of VM/ESA V. 2.3 to z/VM V. 3.1
· 12-3-2001 until 31-12-2001: At VGZ in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) as Technical Project leader for a mainframe exchange, a VM/ESA migration, a DB2/VM migration and a VSE/ESA migration. This project has been successful and been managed so good that the management made this project a candidate for the Award 2001
· 1-4-2000 until 31-12-2000: At IBM Mainz (Germany) for VM Storage Manage­ment with VMBARS
· 1-1-2000 until 31-3-2000: At IBM in Zoetermeer (the Netherlands) for VSE Support in the VM/VSE Customer Team: support of VM/VSE and install and

implement the VSE/ESA software packages Easystrieve, Sort and Scheduler
· 22-3-1999 until 31-12-1999: At IBM Mainz (Germany) for VM Storage Management with VMBARS

COMPAREX in Nieuwegein (the Netherlands) as System Engineer (1-10-1987 until 1-2-1999):
· organizing and presenting at workshops and seminars
· advising VM/VSE customers how to set up the mainframe (like Y2000)
· advising VM/VSE customers at buying, upgrading or replacing of hardware
· did many case-studies at VM/VSE customers in the area of performance management, capacity planning and tuning. Examples: putting DASD caching on or off, implementation of Dataspaces, Virtual Disks, NOPDS, Max tasks, some tuning knobs in CICS, Turbo Dispatcher, V=R implementation etc.
· set up Service Level Agreement (SLA) for VM/VSE customers
· many installations, implementations and maintenance of VM/SP, VM/HPO, VM/ESA and z/VM as well as DOS/VSE, VSE/SP and VSE/ESA software: IBM- and non-IBM software like Raps, Vollie, Scheduler, VTAM, NCP, SSP, GDDM, CICS
· pre-sales support
· for more than 10 years I did level-2 support for VM/VSE customers
· I was responsible for performance & tuning for VM/VSE customers
· performed many performance analyses of DASD subsystems
· started to write a new VSE dump analysis tool
· project manager for many projects at VM/VSE customers
· mainframe installation support at VM/VSE customers (IOCDS, checking software levels etc.)
· created two services for COMPAREX: one service is for replacing VM/VSE releases (also related to Year 2000 problem) and a service regarding performance management and capacity planning
· visitor of CMG (USA), IBM VM/VSE Technical Conferences and WAVV conference in the USA
· problem determination: analyzed many VSE, CICS and VM dumps (regardless formatted or non-formatted dumps)
· did many migrations to different levels of VM- and/or VSE-software (incl. CICS)
· migrating VM- and/or VSE-data to other types of DASD

· applied PTF's and Apar's in VM and VSE systems as well as applying PUT or RSU tapes in VM systems

Holland Computing in Lelystad (the Netherlands) as Systems Programmer (1-11-1985 until 1-10-1987):
· did several activities
· was database administrator (Datacom/Ideal) at a MVS customer

ABN Amro Bank in Amstelveen (the Netherlands) as Data communication specialist (1-6-1984 until 1-11-1985):
· responsible for TPNS: simulate data traffic, so before implementation of network equipment it is clear what the impact would be of the implementation on response times
· helped realizing connection Sperry-Univac to SNA-network (IBM)
· helped with several installations of 37XX communication controllers (SNA network)

NUON in Arnhem (the Netherlands) as Systems Programmer (1-11-1981 until 1-6-1984):
· first acquaintance with VSE systems and soon followed by VM
· responsible for installation, implementation and maintenance of the software packages Panvalet online, Sort, Easytrieve, Jasper, Disk manager and Tape manager
· created a complete new system for performance, capacity planning and tuning
· all mainframe activities done with total 4 persons: good team spirit

Academisch Ziekenhuis in Leiden (the Netherlands) as Application programmer/Analist (1-9-1979 until 1-11-1981):
· mainly worked for department Trombosedienst with staff department and surgeons develo­ped, designed and made programs
· developed programs: at first functional design on paper, thereafter work out by Cobol programs