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All-Round ICT Specialist
juli 2012

1984 - 1986: Brockenhurst College Brockenhurst, UK
A' Levels
He studied and was awarded A' Levels in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. His Computer Science practical result was 98%.

1979 - 1984: The Arnewood Comprehensive New Milton, UK
O' Levels
He was awarded 8 O' Levels in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, English Literature, English Language, Spoken English, Metalwork and Electronics. He was runner-up in a national programming contest at the age of thirteen and as a result was offered a computer system by a local firm to write software for them.

* 1973 - 1979: Hordle School Hordle, UK

Training (during the last 2 years)
HP Preparing for Windows 2000
HP Openview fundamentals, including Top-tools
HP NetServers
EMC Symmetrix
EDM Data manager
Tivoli Framework
Tivoli Software Distribution
Tivoli Distributed Monitoring
Tivoli Inventory
Tivoli Remote-Control
ITIL Foundation
Network Appliance ONTAP
Network Appliance DFM
MCSE (Currently finishing 2003)

Languages: English, Dutch, very basic German, very basic French.

Professional experience:
October 2006 - Present Euromax Terminal C.V., NL
All-Round ICT Specialist
He performs solutions design and implementations for the new automated container terminal at Maasvlakte 2.

He is the technical lead for the Microsoft environment at Euromax and is responsible for the design, upgrade and implementation of the MS environment for the new container terminal.

The main Technologies in use at Euromax Terminal C.V. are: Windows 2003 Server (x32 + x64), AD, DNS, DHCP, SQL 2005, IIS, Oracle, Exchange (2003 + 2007), Sharepoint 2007, WSUS, EMS, McAfee, Sophos, Office (2003 + 2007) Veritas Backupexec, T.S.M., RIS, ADS, Windows XP, Windows Vista, VMWare ESX server, IBM Server technologies.

November 19 2003 - September 2006 Canon Europa N.V., NL
IT Architect
He performed solutions design and implementations for Europe/world-wide Wintel/Storage solutions for Canon Europe.
During the last year, he has been heavily involved in the creation of a Content Distribution Network, involving the use of 17 NetApp NetCache servers, distributed throughout the EMEA region. This CDN has been designed to accelerate Canon's own on-line courseware solution and to pave the way for the Video On Demand Streaming demands of the new Canon Virtual Classroom project.
He has also been responsible for getting a world-wide Engineers' diagnostics tool project back on track, after inheriting it with a number of major 'show-stopper' problems. This has involved re-designing the core server infrastructure for the application to allow for the greater security requirements of Canon's own internal Security department, creation of the deployment packages for the 400+ stand-alone clients world-wide and the configuration of the central SQL server and SQL desktops to enable solid data publication and replication to and from the stand-alone clients.
One smaller project involved the implementation for Canon UK, of a Java-based web front-end to their UK ordering system, running on an AS/400 in Canon Europe. One of the main concerns for the project was that this AS/400 server should not be accessible directly by anyone from the internet, without them being referred from the UK Extranet web site (For which they must first log-in.) He achieved this goal by writing a bespoke ASP front-end to the application, which would block access for any attempt not coming directly from the UK Extranet.

The main Technologies he consulted on at Canon Europe N.V. were: Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, NetApp Filer, NetApp NetCache, DFM, SQL 2000, ClickFix, Jwalk, IIS, APACHE, DELL, Nagios, PERL, tomcat, Exchange

September 15 2003 - October 30 2003 Scottish Power, UK
Technical consultant
He was brought into Scottish Power on a short-term contract, to help put their server consolidation back on the right track.
Scottish Power had bought two IBM x440 Servers, connected to a SAN and running VMWare ESX Server (Red Hat LINUX modified to provide virtual machines), but ran into various problems with respect to their use and existing server transfer to virtual machines. He has provided them with answers to their problems, re-structured the ESX environment to allow them to work in a safer and more secure way and provided written instructions on how to proceed in future.

The main Technologies he consulted on at Scottish Power were: IBM SAN, IBM x440, VMWare ESX 1.5.2, VMWare ESX 2.0, VMWare Workstation 4.0, NT Server 4.0, Windows 2000 Server.

March 25 2002 - July 31 2003: ABN-AMRO, Amsterdam/Frankfurt NL/DE
Technical consultant/2000 Migration
He was responsible for the hand-over of the German NT Backbone to the EMEA NTB team in Amsterdam. This work involved thorough investigation of the existing Servers and environment in Germany along with documentation and recommended improvements to enable remote support from the Netherlands. This involved the installation of Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) tooling plus the physical installation of Compaq Remote Insight Boards (RIB) to all German Servers, combined with wide-scale re-structuring of the server and data environment.
He was responsible for the upkeep of the Wholesale Finance SAN and NAS solutions with respect to the Windows environment and also the implementation of a clustered NetApp Filer solution in Frankfurt, with a third filer in Amsterdam holding a SnapMirror copy of the German data, backed up by Legato, using NDMP, which formed the backbone for the Off-site disaster recovery for all German data. He was also responsible for the data migration using the Quest Consolidator tool.
He formed part of the Windows 2000 Migration team for the Workstation migration in Frankfurt.

The main technologies he used whilst at the ABNAMRO were: Windows NT 4.0 Server & Workstation, Windows 2000 Server & Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Workstation, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, NetApp ONTAP (6.3 and 6.4), NetApp Macromedia (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Cold Fusion), Data Fabric Manager (DFM), IIS, Sybase, Oracle 8 , SQL 7, Websphere, MQ, PERL, WSH, VB, WMI, Zeiterfasung, BackupExec, HP Openview, EDM (On Solaris), Proxy 2, ISA, SMS 2, Quest Tools.

December 14 2001 - March 22 2002 F & C/Achmea, Sloterdijk NL Utrecht, NL
Technical Architect
He was responsible for planning and implementing the migration of 400 F & C (Asset Management) users from the 600 users in the Achmea NT Domain to a new Windows 2000 Child within the existing F & C W2K AD. The goal of the migration was to split the Achmea users from the F&C users along with their full infrastructure, comprising of Windows Servers and Cisco Switches.
Reporting directly to the CEO, he designed and built the full back-end infrastructure for the F&C NL Child domain, enhancing the redundancy and IO of the back-end servers by re-structuring server and system interfaces.

The main technologies he used whilst at F & C: Windows NT 4.0 Server & Workstation, Windows 2000 Server & Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Workstation, IIS, Sybase, PERL, WSH, VB, WMI, Exchange, ArcServe, CIM, Proxy 2, ISA, Cisco Switches.

October 2000 - November 30 2001: Rabobank International Utrecht, NL
Project NT Architect / NT Team Leader
He was the senior NT Architect on the in-sourcing project for NT within Rabobank International, Utrecht. The goal of the project was to in-source the whole support organization within RI Utrecht and as such a full plan had to be formulated for all aspects of the takeover, which included building the support team from scratch and also putting all ITIL processes in place from scratch to provide such things as change and problem management. He was also asked to take on the following extra projects :
* Internet on the Desktop (Including specification, design and building of a MS Proxy 2.0 solution)
* Windows 2000 (As part of the 10 man world-wide NT Center of Competence team, he worked on a four phase approach to upgrading to Windows 2000, including AD initial design, automated server and workstation builds.)
* SAN Solution (He produced a technical proposal for the use of a redundant SAN solution within the computer room)
* MS ISA Server Evaluation.
* HP Surestore (Over the wire) backup for Laptops.
* Tivoli Storage Manager NT Implementation.
* Upgrade from SMS 1.2 to SMS2.0
Implementation of Compaq Insight Manager, Remote Insight Boards (Lights Out Edition) and re-defining the new Compaq standard Server configurations to take full advantage of the hardware.

The main technologies he used whilst at the RaboBank were: Windows NT 4.0 Workstation & Server, Windows 2000 Server & Advanced Server, Windows XP Workstation, IIS, Proxy 2, ISA, Sybase, Oracle 8 , SQL 7, TSM, SMS 1.2 & 2.0, CIM, Big Brother, HP Surestore.

Mar 2000 - October 2000: KPNQwest N.V Den Haag, NL
NT Server Team Leader
He was the NT Server team leader with responsibility for over 200 NT servers throughout the KPNQwest organisation worldwide. The team of MCSE's was responsible for the day-to-day running of all NT servers within KPNQwest, including all Data-Centers.
As KPNQwest was a start-up company everything had to be designed and built from scratch. He was tasked , along with the head of Operations and the head of Service Desk, with setting up ITIL processes for Change and problem management along with clear definitions of process flow and procedure definitions.
Freelancers were used to perform the initial design and build of the KPNQwest environment and he succeeded in converting the Contractor based team to a highly skilled permanent team, during this fixed length contract .

The main technologies he used whilst at the KPNQwest were: Windows NT 4.0 Server & Workstation, Windows 2000 Server & Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Workstation, ONTAP, IIS, Sybase, Oracle, SQL 7, Exchange, SMS, BMC Patrol, HP Openview, CIM, Dell Servers, Compaq Servers..

Mar. 1998 - Mar. 2000: ABN-AMRO NV Amsterdam, NL
NT Team Leader
He was the senior NT specialist with a team ranging from six to twenty people under his guidance. The team were responsible for the day-to-day running of the ABN-AMRO trading floors in Holland.
He was heavily involved in the design and implementation of the recently completed new trading floor project (from the ITS&S perspective) for the new head office in Buitenveldert comprising 4 pairs of NT cluster servers, EMC storage unit, EDM Solaris based backup systems, Tivoli and HP Openview pro-active monitoring, 25 normal NT servers and 600 Ultra-high spec NT workstations.

The main technologies he used whilst at the ABNAMRO were: Windows NT 4.0 Server & Workstation, Enterprise Administrator, IIS, ASP, Sybase, SQL, PERL, WSH, VB, WMI, HP Openview, EDM (On Solaris), SMS 1.2, Tivoli.

Nov. 1997 - Feb. 1998 Compaq : Gorinchem, NL
Sr. NT Administrator
As the most senior NT person in the European Distribution Center, his responsibilities for Compaq ranged from daily system administration tasks to building and implementing new solutions for systems in Gorinchem and various warehouses in Europe using Compaq's cluster technology. His other tasks whilst at Compaq included the installation of a firewall and the writing of many utilities using PERL scripting.

Nov. 1996 - Oct. 1997: Centura Software BV Maarsen, NL
Head of MIS (European)
His main task whilst at Centura was to manage the European MIS team in England, France, Germany and Holland.

He was under the direct control of the CTO in California and was tasked with re-structuring the IT within all European offices, to meet the changing demands set out by the CTO. This involved designing and implementing new LAN, Desktop and Server core infrastructures to enable the company to evolve and change it's core way of doing business.

He was responsible for various types of hardware and software including Windows 95, NT, WFW, Novell 3.11, Novell 4, SUN Solaris, CISCO routers, 3COM routers, Nortel PABX.

Dec. 1994 - Oct. 1996: AT&T/NCR Amsterdam, NL
Support Engineer/Consultant
He was responsible for the day to day administration of the Windows NT based network along with the WFW/95 clients and various software packages. He was also responsible for PABX administration. During his time with AT&T/NCR he also designed and implemented a suggestions system in Visual Dbase.

Dec. 1993 - Nov. 1994: H.M.S.O. Norwich, UK
Support Engineer

Jul. 1992 - Nov. 1993: HSBC/Midland Bank London, UK
Support Engineer

Aug. 1991 - Jun. 1992: Glaxo Cumbria, UK
Support Engineer

Apr. 1991 - Jul. 1991: G.E. Capital Leeds, UK
Support Engineer

May 1989 - Apr. 1991: Sophist Romsey, UK
Partner/ Systems Analyst Programmer

Sep. 1987 - Apr. 1989: Grist Advanced Systems Southampton, UK
Systems Analyst Programmer

Jul 1986 - Aug. 1987: C.E.G.B. Southampton, UK